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PAGE 15 EX 4: Answer the questions.
1. Describe Mr Hyde's appearance.
He is not easy to describe. He is short and he's got dark hair. There is something evil about him. He gives an impression of deformity.
2 What did Mr Hyde give the girl's family?
A hundred pounds. Ten pounds and a cheque for the other ninety pounds. 
3. What was strange about the cheque?
There was another person's signature on the cheque.
4. Why does Dr Layton seldom visit Mr Jekyll?
Because they always argue about scientific questions.
5. Where did Mr Utterson wait for Mr Hyde?
Outside the building with the old door.

6. What was Mr Utterson's impression of Mr Hyde?
Mr Utterson thought Mr Hyde has got an evil look.

CHAPTERS 3-4 ACTIVITIES. PAGE 23 EX4: Answer the questions.
1. What instructions did Dr Jekyll give to Utterson?
To help Mr Hyde after his death.

2. What did the maid see outside her window?
 She saw an old gentleman walking towards the house and another very short man coming towards him from the other direction.

3. According to the police, what two mistakes did Hyde make?
He kept the cane and burned his chequebook.

4. Where did the police wait for Mr Hyde?
At the bank.

5. What was Dr Jekyll interested in?
He was interested in chemistry.
6. How did Dr Jekyll look when Poole and Utterson entered his room? 
He looked very ill.

CHAPTERS 5-6 ACTIVITIES. PAGE 31 EX4: Answer the questions.
1. How did Dr Jekyll know about the murder?
From the newspaper boys.

2. What did Dr Jekyll show Mr Utterson?
 A letter.

3.What did Mr Guest discover about Jekyll's and Mr Hyde's handwriting?
They were almost identical.

4. How did Dr Jekyll change after Hyde's disappearance?
He was happy again.

5. Why was Dr Laynon ill?
He had a shock.
6. What was inside the letter from Dr Lanyon? 
Another closed envelope.

CHAPTERS 7-8 ACTIVITIES. PAGE 39 EX4: Answer the questions.
1. Why does Poole think Jekyll is worried about something?
Because Jekyll doesn't do anything -- he just sits quietly in his chair.

2. Why were Utterson and Enfield frightened when they left the courtyard?
Because an expression of terror appeared on Dr Jekyll's face.

3. What does Poole suspect?
He thinks that there has been a crime.

4. What does the person in Dr Jekyll's room demand every day?
A certain chemical.

5. What explanation did Utterson give Poole about the strange man?
He thinks that his master has got a strange illness.
6. What was unusual about the sound of the footsteps in Jekyll's room? 
Jekyll's footsteps were slow and heavy; these footsteps were very different .

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